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Full Services

All the shop services we offer in house are performed by professionals.  If a full build is not what you need but don't want to tackle certain aspects of the project then our shop is just the place to get that done.

Electrical- From a full wiring harness to just installing electric fans, we at Ace can fulfill those needs. Customers wanting to update there analog stock gauges to full electronic ones, swap over from carb to fuel injection... it can be done in house.

Suspension- On our home page you can find links to the custom suspension side of our services. These include everything from stock style of mono leaf and I-beam axles to laid out on the ground by full electronically adjustable ride height.  

Sheet Metal- Full service sheet metal repair and customizing are all done in house. Whether we are doing rust repair, floor replacement or simple dent pulling just to get to the paint shop, or full on custom forming for Frenching lights and chop tops. Our specialized equipment purposefully built to handle just these needs are readily available to use on your project. 

Engine Swaps- A more common modification of a hot rod or custom is whats under the hood. We are paired up with respected engine and transmission builders to be able to bring the best to the table for your custom ride.  If you are looking for a simple swap out, to a fuel injected turn key crate. We can accommodate. 

Paint and Body- We offer full paint and body services through our shop. Other than the metal work the paint and body are outsourced to the only shop we trust.  Working with this shop over the years has built a very good foundation in making sure that the quality is up to par with your standards.  

Upholstery- This service is also outsourced to a very reputable shop that we have built a trust on and only use for our projects. In offering these services we can ensure the level of perfection that is expected from Ace Kustoms.

If you are looking to get a full build done, or just one our shop services head over to the contact page to get your appointment set up.