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Man Cave Night Lights

We cut every everything in house on our 4ft x 8ft plasma table using a Wright CNC system developed in Las Vegas, NV, with all American made parts and pieces our American roots run deep in not only our equipment but our work itself.

These Man Cave Night Lights are back lit with LED bulb pods to be the perfect Man Cave night light. Being able to hang in your man cave, garage, den or office. Each sign can be customized to have your favorite sports team cut into it, the words Man Cave or your favorite make of vehicle. These signs are semi-customizable in size but have to be scaled to ensure proper proportions in the logo and words. (This can all be gone over when ordering if you choose to change the size other then whats listed)

Each Man Cave Night Light is made of a heavier duty metal to make it be a more industrial looking to match the macho or man cave feel that you the customer are looking for. With having a muscle machine in the garage, rat rod with 1000hp, or merchandise of a team that just won the season, you need to be able to show off your love and pride to match that of your passion.

**In doing custom CNC cut metal signs we do charge a programming fee. This is based on the complexity of the design. We charge $85/hour and its all on a CAD processor to ensure perfection and speed of programming.