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CNC Plasma Cut Metal signs

We cut every file in house on our 4ft x 8ft plasma table using a Wright CNC system developed in Las Vegas, NV, with all American made parts and pieces our American roots run deep in not only our equipment but our work itself.

We have hundreds of already pre-programmed CNC files to cut our metal signs. Ranging from military themed, outdoors, hunting and fishing, wedding, American patriotic and 2nd amendment, along with welcome signs and address hangers. We even cater to businesses for outdoor light up signs in boxed form, hanging in windows or walls, or to mount on your front business facia to meet certain codes.

Being able to offer personalized options for each metal sign you can add your address numbers, last name or a special saying for your personal space. (Ex: Dads garage, Body shop, Fab shop) Each CNC plasma cut metal sign is then cut out on our table, the backside is prepped and sanded to prevent scratching or gouging while hanging on a wall, then the front is done to spec based on your specific needs. Each metal sign can be polished, sanded, painted or powder coated to your exact specification on color(s) and coated in clear for the protection incase of being hung outdoors.

Along with having pre-programmed files we also offer full customization of CNC plasma cut metal signs. If you have a particular thing in mind that you would like to have cut, please contact us. We are more then willing to program professional looking metal signs to fit your needs. If you have anything in mind, we can work from there and send rough drafts until its exactly what you need.

**In doing custom CNC plasma cut metal signs we do charge a programming fee. This is based on the complexity of the design. We charge $85/hour and its all on a CAD processor to ensure perfection and speed of programming.