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CNC Laser cutting

If you are looking for more then precise then CNC laser cutting is what you need. One of the only services we don't do in house...yet.

By using a laser instead of plasma, there is very little heat build up on the edge that is cut.  There for (depending on the thickness of metal) no discoloration is found on the metal edges and can be installed or used with little to no prep.  The edge has no slag build up, and can be as sharp as a blade if needed.  Plasma has a certain thickness of cut that laser does not. In doing so the size is limited on a plasma cutter as far as how small. The precision of a piece is jeopardized the smaller it goes and there for we prefer to do laser cutting on small precise parts. Example of this is the name plate on an alternator bracket, personalized license plate frame, or steering wheel horn button.

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