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Bolt on suspension

Along with doing air bag suspension kits and components, we at Ace Custom Fab build miscellaneous bolt on suspension pieces for all custom ride needs. 

We understand not every vehicle has to be on the ground to be appreciated. Thats why we offer all types of suspension items that you might need. For example a lifted truck thats been modified in power is going to need a way to prevent axle wrap, so we have our own house built Ladder bar kits.  These include the mount to the frame, the ladder bar itself and the mount to the axle. These particular setups are bolt on and there for are removable if you ever decide to sell the vehicle and want to keep the suspension product. These ladder bars can be used in many other ways along with having the option to weld them onto the vehicle. Thats the perks of having a custom product, install it the way you see fit. 

We also offer everything needed to create a custom fit suspension particular to your ride. With being able to program in house we can customize tabs and brackets to be personalized for your vehicle. In our shop you will see the options for different styles of tabs and brackets. Along with suspension parts we have an array of gussets mainly used on roll cage corners, but these gussets can be used on any piece of a car including suspension if there is a risk of high stress or shearing possible. 

If you have a custom design in mind we are more then happy to program it to cut into the piece that you would like to order. Click here to be directed to the custom CNC page.

Click here to go to the shop page to see the full array of what is offered from our shop. For both bolt on and weld on applications to fit your particular custom ride.